A Metaphor To The Pearl of the Orient

by Justin Zamora Rodriguez

This is not a story, this is an event.

This event is a sadomasochistic one, so ready yourselves.

Open your eyes wide and scrutinize thoroughly the next words.

This is a cycle that revolves counter-clockwise, when can we move it clockwise.

This event happened in one part of the Philippine islands, present time; 2011 to be exact.

The event focuses on a boy; this certain boy is very dysfunctional both physically and mentally. By the time the boy was brought about this world, he had already a physical burden. He had “Diphallia”, a sexual disorder where one has two male genitalia. The mother was a prostitute but she was excited to have her first baby, actually it was already her seventh baby but the other first six were murdered in her womb through the process of abortion. She promised once this certain baby she carries in her womb would be borne to this world, she would straighten up her life. The father was unknown, for the mother has almost three clients a night. She was so excited but when the baby was delivered, she drowned in despair and total depression leading mental destruction. The baby was two months old when the mother hanged herself. No one knew about the suicide inside her apartment. The baby was left alone in his crib at the apartment but he cried so loud to the point the neighbors were disturbed and they check the room, after 10 hours left alone, the baby was found and it was a miracle he still is alive. But it was better he died that night.

Then the latter happened, he was sent to a social service center with dirty and low-budgeted facilities, basically a shit-hole because funding for that center went to the pockets of others, to the pigs, no wonder other pigs call their salary pork barrel. When he was seven, he was completely introvert, never speaks to anyone. Others even thought he was deaf. Most of his years from eight to eleven were wrecked and traumatic, he had a rough childhood. He was pushed around and bullied while the social workers watched and laugh as if it was entertainment for them. There’s this one moment when he was peeing and a group of fellow orphan boys peeked over him and they saw two penises urinating. The shouted “FREAK!” and the news went out like fire. This boy was not really named by his mother but in the social services center they called him Santino. All his early life he was in anger and hatred, he wanted to fight back, so he did. But it was better he died to this point.

He’s now seventeen and one night he planned a way of revenge to these mother fuckers. It was bedtime and all he was asleep in the center. Santino went to the kitchen and turned on the gas. While he was waiting he went to the refrigerator to get water and as soon he closes the door of the refrigerator he saw a shiny and vague reflection of a girl. He was in shock and that scared the hell out of him, his heart pumped faster but he showed no sign of that emotion on his face. When he turned around it was Rose, his crush. He pretty much liked Rose because she was the only one not bullying him and she was deaf, he feels comfortable with her. Santino knew in Rose’ eyes that she wanted to stop his plan but he does not want to stop. Too much has been done to him, Rose must understand. Santino got the matchbox and slipped it open to get a matchstick but Rose held his hand stopping him from his madness. Santino’s world now turned black. But it was better he died to this point.

He pushed Rose, the next events were brutal. In the kitchen table Santino got hold of a duct tape and taped both Rose’ hands on the legs of the table. He unzipped his pants and ripped off Rose’ clothes furiously. He took a couple of seconds staring at awe on a naked female, such beauty there is just to be altered to grotesque image in the next events. He then starts the devastation of a masterpiece. He took off Rose’ panties and got a rubber spatula from the cabinet, shoving the spatula inside Rose back and forth. Rose was crying endlessly of pain, she was a virgin. She cried pool of tears but she could not scream only minute screeching. Santino was irritated by her facial expression; he punched her in the abdomen. As soon as he finished enjoying with the spatula, which was dripping fully of blood, he entered inside her. Rose felt a sheer pain when Santino’s two penises went inside her back and forth. As soon as he cummed, he was not yet contented by his sadomasochistic doings, he wants to end it. Santino stood up and went to the kitchen sink and got a rusty butchers knife. Rose was now not crying but smiling. Santino for a moment felt awed and slight fear but he suddenly exasperated and stabbed Rose in the chest, stomach, arms, etc., a total of seven stabs. But it was better he died with Rose to this point.

Santino saw something in the lifeless hand of Rose; it was a piece of crumpled paper. He took it and straightened it up. He wailed in agony, he felt a sudden pain on his heart. He held a matchstick and strikes a fire, as soon as it sparked, flame enveloped the shit-hole center and it was like hell. He slowly burned and was still crying so loud. There are only two events that he cried this much, first was when he was a baby and he wanted to live and second was now, wanting to die. The gates of hell opened. But it was better Santino had lived, for he will tell this story and break the cycle.

For some unimaginable reasons, a paper was floating around the sidewalk of the center. Firemen were busy extinguishing the fire with their long and big water cannons. They think extinguishing it would close the gates of hell. A nearby couple was watching from across the street the scene. The couple’s little boy saw the floating paper with tiny flames on the side; he jumped for it three times but could not get it. The father saw his son jumping so he got the paper. The paper was a drawing, and it was nicely drawn with pencil as the medium. The drawing was a boy and a girl, on the right side was boy smiling and left side was a girl smiling, and in between them was a big heart and both the boy and girl had halos above their head. Just below the drawing there are two text like a caption, on the left side was labeled “ROSE” and on the right side was labeled “SANTINO”

Analogy Essay of the Author:

As a Filipino citizen, this is what I depict what Philippines is really. It may be negative for others and to others but it is what my heart pours. I do not want to get heavy with this essay so I will explain this briefly and with concrete points. I deplore ideas of my country not brand her with negativity. The physical and mental dysfunction of the country is the people itself. Diphallia, the country has two penises; one is for the country and one for the foreigner. Basically the genitalia are important to a human being, without it, no sex; without sex, no pleasure and no preservation of our race. So my analogy is that we consider our nationalism important at the same time colonial mentality is prominent within us. We should not be like that, we should be normal and have one genitalia and pick nationalism. Abortion and suicide, my analogy to this is the increasing rate of violence in the country. The shit-hole service center, we are in a devastatingly living in a shit-hole. We are not improving in terms of living, industrialization and economy. We are backward. The “pigs” I pointed out was a bit given already, every Filipino should know that. In regards of the other orphans who keeps on bullying, I refer that to the technocrats and Filipinos who keeps on blabbering and ranting on the mistakes of others while in fact they are not doing anything. Rose, I depict her as the victims of rallying and speaking out their grieves on the problems of this country. They are mute because even how far they go, how loud they scream, how transparent they may be, they will always not be far, heard and seen. The rape scene is my paragon of how the dysfunctional etch their barbarism. The smiling while dying Rose is what I view of the justice system here in the country. Justice system is laggard and smirch. Victims would just leave out all the rest, the more they fight for their rights the more the justice weakens upon them. That is why Rose was just smiling, for she knew no justice will be served. You may say my sagacity is very rapacious but actually I gave positive areas on the story. Santino was changed for a short moment; he must not had had really gone to hell. He wanted to ask forgiveness but he thought it was too late so he blew the place up. It is like Judas, his disloyalty to Christ was not his sin. His sin was committing suicide and being faithless in believing he could be forgiven. The drawing which was grabbed by the kid was the question; will we revolve the cycle clockwise, if so, when?