Colossal Illusory Anecdotes

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Jurisdiction of the Mind


In a cold and misty night at Bacolod, a young family was having dinner. The couple had one child, and his name is Joey. The couple cannot bear a child anymore, the mother had a risky delivery when she was carrying baby Joey at the time she was pregnant, and so the doctors said if she gets pregnant again, the couple would have decide who will the doctors let live, the mother or the baby. So by this, the couple poured all their love to their only child, Joey. The family was eating Kansi for dinner, the mother and father were having good conversations about the things happened earlier that day. Nine year old Joey was eating jovially while listening to his parents. Then he saw a guy in suit standing beside his mother. Out of nowhere, he could not explain where the man came; the face was fair and was melting into a grotesque image. The man then got a knife from his side pocket, ready to stab the mother while he was laughing with a menacing voice and with striking eyes; all in all he exposed an iniquitous look. Poor young Joey was now scared to death but he was a vocally brave person. He picked up his fork and shoots it towards the man, and it went straight to him, like a shadow he disappeared. The mother was shocked; she was just about three inches away to being stabbed by a fork.

Dr. Hansen is the best psychiatrist in the city by these times. He is even called internationally for opinions on rare cases of mental disability. Tonight, he was still working in his office at one hospital in the city. It was already eight thirty and he thought of going home already, and while he was leaving by the door, a couple and child by the door caught his eyes.

“Hello, good evening.” Dr. Hansen said.

“Doctor, are you leaving already?” The mother asked.

“No, no, no. My work is my passion, I can work all night. What seems to be the problem?”

The parents told them about what happened earlier when they were dining. Dr. Hansen told them to wait at the waiting room and fill up a medical record data sheet. Dr. Hansen guided Joey inside his room. The parents waited for one whole hour and Dr. Hansen was finished with the checkup. He told the couple Joey must have a 10-session follow up with him for 3 months and he told the couple Joey has schizophrenia. The next sessions were being followed up, until the last session where Dr. Hansen said he could cure Joey. The last session would be a hypnosis session. Dr. Hansen started counting “three, you close your eyes…two, your eyes are getting heavier…one, you fall asleep”. The hypnosis was about 10 minutes and with a snap of a finger, Joey woke up.

After 10 years, Joey was at Manila and was in college. For three years already, he did not come home because his parents would visit him during holidays. In college, he was studying psychology because he became a big fan of Dr. Hansen since the day he was cured. He was living a normal life; beer, sex and freedom. He was at a party taking home a girl from that party. They were at his condominium kissing and caressing when suddenly Joey saw a small girl in a uniform, smiling wide. Joey was scared but he was more scared when in the window glass he saw the reflection of the girl’s back and her hands holding a knife. Joey jolted and dropped the girl he was kissing on the floor, and then the small girl vanished like shadow. He was not in the mood and drove the girl home instead, the girl was obviously mad. When he went back to his condominium the guard at the lobby told him he had a mail earlier. He went to the mail box and checked the mail, there was no return address. He opened the letter and a cut out newspaper article was in it. Joey started reading it and began wailing hard. It was an article of a car accident, and the victims were his parents.

Joey got a plane ticket immediately and went back to Bacolod first thing in the morning and went immediately to his parents’ wake. At the funeral Joey was accompanied by his aunts and uncles, grandparents and cousins. He wept and wailed when the coffin was being rolled down beneath the ground. After the funeral he was supposedly going to return to Manila but he decided to stay for a week in Bacolod to sort things up and himself too. Since the time he went back in Bacolod he had, for six consecutive days, insomnia and minor hallucinations. Joey’s world now began to be dark and vague. First his mental disability is back and his parents’ death. He realized he cannot do anything with his parents’ death anymore but he can do something about his mental disability. He finally decided to go to Dr. Hansen’s office without delay. At the doctor’s office he was signed by Dr. Hansen’s secretary, Hanna, for appointment scheduled the next day. As he was returning home, he bumped to a friend and they had conversation in the park for about an hour, catching up the lost times. When Joey was home, he checked his facebook and the news feed are flooded of the death of Joe, apparently the friend who he bumped into earlier. He read that Joe died about an hour after they met. “God, let him rest in Your hands”, Joey uttered a simple prayer but as he was scrolling down the article on Joe’s death, He swore, “Shit! Fuck!” He went directly to the toilet and vomited. What he read was: Joe died in an accident at his work at a construction site at Vancouver, Canada.

Joey went back the next day to the doctor’s office and was surprised the secretary was new. He just signed the appointment sheet and went inside the room of Dr. Hansen,

“Doctor! How are you?” the two gave each other a firm handshake.

“No, Joey. Let me ask how are you? Does your hallucination become frequent?”

“H-how did you know?”

“Naturally, you had a traumatic event in your life. “


“The accident, your parents” Dr. Hansen gave him a searching look.

“Oh-yes, your right but it came back, my hallucinations, before I knew about the accident doctor.”

Dr. Hansen was smiling, “Yes I know.” With a long pause and staring, Dr. Hansen broke the silence

“I did not cure you Joey. I just kind of paused your schizophrenia.”

“What are you saying doctor?” Joey said giving a confusing look.

“Oh Joey, don’t get surprised. I myself have schizophrenia and I’m sorry to tell you, there is no cure for our disease or rather gift” Dr. Hansen laughed dryly.

“What?!” Joey blurted.

“But there is like a ‘pain-killer’ for this kind of sickness but I guess you don’t want to know that. Just continue with your life being haunted by ghastly creatures your mind manifests.” Dr. Hansen strikes a long stare and a wide grin.

“What is it doctor, the cure?”

“The ‘pain-killer’ is killing Joey. Once you kill that image of pure imagination your mind manifests, it goes and comes back after years. There is no scientific study about this but this is what I do and it is effective.”

“That’s easy; you mean I just kill a hallucination, just like what I did 10 years ago, the first encounter I have. I threw a fork on it and it vanished instantly.”

“Yes, do it Joey.” Dr. Hansen was still smiling.

Joey was still confused about all Dr. Hansen told him. He just thought, the doctor might be just tired from work. Tonight he was at the sofa watching a movie and he got sleepy, he’s eyes were already heavy; it was four o’ clock early in the morning. He turned off the television and in an instant from the television Joey could see a reflection of an old lady in a long black robe and with blood all over her face. With that same instant the image flashed, Joey can feel his hair at the back of his neck rising, his feet got cold, and his heart throbbing. For three seconds he stared at the reflection on the television. He was scared to death, then he slowly turned his head to his back, slowly he was sweating and holding his breath. At the corner of his eye he can see the black robe, then he just looked back quickly out of adrenaline maybe but there was nothing there. By that time he gave a sigh of relief, and then he turned back his head to the front. At that moment he saw again the old lady in front of him inclined towards him. Joey saw a close-up view of the unpleasant face of the old lady filled with scars and pale white cracked skin, those broken teeth grinning to him, the uncombed dirty hair. Joey was already shaking, and then he remembered he has a combat knife beneath the coach. At a great speed he took it and stabs right in the neck of the old lady, and then vanished like a mist again. Joey went to sleep that night at the couch. In the morning when he woke up, he saw blood all his hands and couch. When he looked down, there was his maid, lifeless.

Treading fast was poor Joey to the clinic of Dr. Hansen. He was so undermined of the situation he just got to. He slammed open the clinic door, the secretary stopped him but Joey pushed forward to the room of Dr. Hansen. The secretary was calling for the security but Dr. Hansen went out the room and motioned to the secretary that it’s okay.

“Doctor, what the fuck just happened. I killed a hallucination but when I woke up it was my maid.” Joey said still catching his breath.

“Joey, it’s either you hurt yourself or you kill someone to overcome your sickness”

“What are you talking about, I can’t just fucking kill someone” Joey said almost shouting.

“Yes you can, I’ve been there. Actually by the age of thirty I was a bit cured of my hallucination. I can pretty much tell reality from imagination but the thing is, killing, it gets addictive.” Dr. Hansen said smiling.

“What are you saying; you mean you’re a serial killer?”

“Yes Joey, I kill to feed my inner hunger and addiction. I KILLED TO CURE ME!”

“I can’t doctor, I can’t” Joey was crying now.

“Oh poor boy, Okay I will cure you for now. Remember the hypnosis procedure that prevented you from hallucinations for the past ten years?”

“Yes, yes, yes! Please cure me again. Please”

“Yes, I will” Dr. Hansen was still smiling.

The next thing happened was Joey was in the couch lying. He was in a hypnosis state but he was shocked. He could see reality, he could see from the corner of his eye Dr. Hansen on his big chair with a paper and pen. “Joey, you are in a semi hypnosis state. You might not have learned this from your college but I have developed this kind of technique. Imagine I have the power to control a person’s mind!” Dr. Hansen was laughing hard. Joey cannot move but he can see, smell, and feel all things around him. He was trying to say something but he could not move an inch of his tongue. “Joey, pick up the knife on the table” Dr. Hansen said. Joey was basically a puppet and follows what the doctor instructs. He gets chills in his whole body. “Sit up straight and stab slowly your heart” Dr. Hansen was staring deeply to him as if controlling his mind. Joey was now sitting up straight slowly and he slowly too he aims the knife towards his heart. He was sweating hard and shaking un-rhythmically. “Stop.” Dr. Hansen was laughing. “I have a surprise for you, Joey. Hope you will like it.” Dr. Hansen moved towards his big cabinet and opened it. As he opened it a young lady dropped from the floor with a duct tape on her mouth and at her hands tied up behind her back. She was squealing endlessly but hardly loud enough to be heard outside. To Joey’s surprise it was the secretary from before which was replaced the next day he came back.

“Joey, meet Hanna, she is a sacrificial lamb and she had been very bad. She should have let you in my room and not appointed you the next day, the day you came here before.”

“Shut up doctor! You’re a fucking pig” Joey was shocked he can talk but he still cannot move his hands or feet.

“My mind control must be getting weak, I must say, this must be done quickly. Joey, get here and stab eight times Miss Hanna with the knife you’re holding.” Dr. Hansen was serious now.

“You fucking sick bastard. I’m gonna kill you!” Joey was shouting but at the same time moving towards Hanna on the floor watching her eyes, those weeping and nervous eyes. Joey’s hands were aiming to stab Hanna. He was fighting his own mind to stop what he was about to do. His hands were shaking. It was just almost a half inch away Hanna. “FUCK!” Joey blurted and stopped his own hands from committing a crime. He was now inhaling and exhaling deeply. “How, how did you got out my hypnosis?” “You’re getting old doctor” Joey said while on the floor still catching his breath but he got up quickly because he saw Dr. Hansen moved towards the table grabbing something from the small drawer, it could be a gun so Joey ran towards him and wrestled him to the ground. After mounting the doctor he stabbed him in the abdomen as fast as he could. When the doctor was down Joey went to Hanna and untied her, she was definitely shaking and severely injured.

Joey told Hanna to stay still; he would call an ambulance as soon he’s finished with the doctor. Hanna nodded in affirmation. Joey was moving towards the doctor where his polo shirt near the stomach area was dripping with blood but he was shocked when he saw that what the doctor was holding something small which he took from his drawer, it was not a gun but a necklace, a necklace which Joey’s mom always wear. “How the fuck did you get that?!” Joey was confused and punched the doctor two times in the head while crying. “J-Joey, I wanted to have an apprentice, a student and all these years I-I’ve not found the right one to carry on my legacy but you.” The doctor said with a stutter voice.

“What did you do with my parents? WHAT?!” Joey shouted with a tear falling.

“You never went back here in Bacolod, you were stuck in Manila because your parents always visit you there so I killed them, s-so you would come home and visit them yourself” Dr. Hansen laughed but suddenly he coughed blood and then he continued, “ and c-continue my s-shaping you to b-be like m-me”


“O-Oh, yes you will, yes you wi—” Before the doctor even finished saying, Joey stabbed him by the neck. The doctor was dead but had a felicitous smile in his death which intrigued Joey. As Joey stood up he saw Hanna already standing, feeling all good he guessed but suddenly Hanna’s face melted into a menacing image but going back to being Hanna then again to a horrific image, it flickers back and forth in Joey’s vision. Joey was walking towards her while she was saying “I think that’s the last of him, I can’t believe he was a –” Joey slit straight to her throat before she finished her sentence. Hanna’s throat splashed blood for about three seconds before she went down. And Joey said in a low voice, smiling, walking away from her, “Fuck you.”


I spit a splat of saliva with gob of phlegm on the sidewalk full of cigarette butts then I took on the last puff of my cigarette; I finished it until the burning touched the filter and it was hot in my lips. I coughed and spit again on that sidewalk. “I’m done” I heard my friend Andy; he noted he’s finished eating lunch. We ate roasted spareribs and sisig, a native dish made from the pork’s jowl area and sizzled until golden brown and ready to be eaten. I must say we were full; each of us had two cups of rice. I finished earlier than him eating that’s why I was smoking in that sidewalk with cracked pavements. My friend does not smoke cigarettes.

We went on, walking on the sidewalk, straight forward, then the end of the sidewalk. We were on a private area, an abandoned building on a rural-like area, a mini forest beside our school. Andy took his wallet from his pants back pocket; the joint was in the wallet, safely held by the middle of the wallet, the point where you fold the wallet. He lighted a match and lit up the joint, it was a bad burn which implies a bad roll but we basically fixed the bad burn and smoked it all up then we entered school. As we entered the school I asked him, why are we taking lunch first, should we smoke first then eat afterwards. He stared for a moment, and then burst to uncontrollable laughter. So did I.

That was me when I was in high school, pretty much a stereo-type nowadays. Now I’m about to finish college. Well a little background first, I first smoked pot before smoking cigarettes and drinking liquor and I stopped smoking pot in college but I drank and smoked cigarettes a lot, the typical college guy.

One night I received a call, it was my best friend Andy. He was talking gibberish but crying. I told him, “call me tomorrow, you’re drunk” then I hang up the phone. Then I felt something weird, the feeling of that you have a premonition. I was scared and confused for I have known all this time that Andy was addicted to heroin. Since my first years in college, I warned him to stop it but I think the addiction gets stronger and stronger for him, maybe. So, I called a friend to check him in his condominium. I can feel my heart throbbing, “Oh God. Please guide him” I prayed.

After 28 minutes of shaking because of anxiety, the phone rang. I paused for a second, took a deep breath and grabbed the phone as fast as I can. It was the friend I asked helped, “I’m taking him to the hospital. He’s not in good shape.” I thanked my friend and then stopped for a moment. I was sad and happy at the same time, sad because my friend was in trouble and happy because I did not go to sleep and thinking he was drunk only. I went to sleep; I can feel I’m tired. I closed my eyes then I was asleep.

In my sleep I dreamt of my high school life, and it feels like it is all that I can remember. Those times when it kept repeating on my dream that I am able and healthy and it was strange that I wanted to wake up from this dream, this dream I know that is not a nightmare.

I woke up all sweaty, there’s something strange. I can’t explain why my room was all messed up. The walls were filled with psychedelic artworks and posters, the tables were filled with injections, foils, bongs and dime bags. It was like all around my sight there was color with dullness and in the table were neutral sight. I was so skinny, it’s like my skin is very near my bones. Suddenly something snuggled me and grabbed my dick. I blurted, I took the blanket and searched for that something. It was naked girl, I don’t know who she was, and I can feel my world revolving because of mass confusion. Oh fuck, she sucks my cock now. It was good, no question about that but the feeling of confusion was still of great effect on me. I took her head away from my dick and ask who she was. She just explained her name was not important, well she’s a hooker I guess. “Can you please leave now? How much do I pay you?” “The heroin” she smiled while pointing at the side drawer of the bed. I suddenly felt chills in my spine, I can feel the world stopping, and I was dazed, blacked out and hoping this was a bad dream.

I woke up again, I looked at my hands, still skinny, the place was the same but the girl was not there. I screamed, I shouted, I ran, I kicked, I destroyed, I was basically outrageous by the instances and moments that crawled upon me then a ring. “Hello?” “John!” “Oh my God. Andy! Help me please, I don’t know what’s happening to me.” “John, you called last night, I was worried I sent Amy over to look out for you but I guess you two had a good time, huh?” Andy was laughing. “FUCK! What’s happening to me Andy, why am I skinny, why is my place messed up?” I shouted due to irritation, the irritation when you don’t know something but you badly need to know it. “John, I’m coming over. You just stay put there and stop the heroin.” He hangs up. It was the second time I heard “heroin”, from that girl Amy and from my best friend, Andy, who I knew uses heroin as well. It was muddy waters for me.

I walk around my room, I come to sight a spoon, lighter, injection and a dime bag of heroin. I can feel those materials pulling me, I tried to control but I took the spoon and pour heroin in the spoon, I flamed the spoon using the lighter. The powder now turning to liquid, I can smell the smoke. Then a knock took place. I stayed put, steady on what I’m doing then the door opened, it was Andy.

Andy rushed towards me and took the spoon, throws it away. He scolded me; I was perplexed, “What is this?” I asked myself. “You need to detoxify and I’ll put you on rehab, you went far in your addiction John, I’m scared to what will happen to you.” Andy’s words cut my heart. “What are you talking about Andy, I’m not an addict. You know that, you are the crack addict.” I said. “John, your hallucination is getting the worst of you, look in the mirror.” I went to see myself in the mirror. There was me in a clear reflection, a half-naked me with only boxers on. My face was so messed up, long messy hair, red with a pint of purple eyes sagging deeply, swollen cheeks, I could almost see my collar-bone coming out, my chest, arms, feet, legs were ultimately skeletal. It was like I haven’t eaten or sleep for months or maybe years. I was scared, so scared that I blasted in tears.

Andy comforted me and he called a hospital, I knew he wanted me safe and back to normal. I must say, I’m still confused, I can’t believe I was the one addicted to drugs, it was like I have bipolar disorder, I don’t know who I am anymore. Andy was dialling the hospital, a mental hospital maybe. Then my sight become dark, I took the spoon with little drops of heroin and put the liquefy heroin in the injection. Andy saw me, he was about to take away my injection. The world became dark for me, I can see the devil, the injection slowly transforms into a knife, it was hell, and I was frightened. The devil comes to me slowly, laughing, those vicious eyes and menacing face, it wrestled with me, trying to take away my knife, still he was laughing. I fought back and stab my knife straight to his neck. Its bloodcurdling face slowly fades into a human being, it was Andy. I cried. I can see the injection in his neck. I quickly took out the injection, the injection was pulling me, it was like a magnet to my arm, and then I quickly fought the strong pull of the magnet.

My one arm is wanting the heroin, the other was fighting to not have it. The fighting arm quickly found a real knife in the table. My arm slit my throat but I know it was me; I must stop this right now. I fell in the ground.

I let go of the injection and it fell side by side with me and there it was. I could see the injection, cracked.

A Metaphor To The Pearl of the Orient

This is not a story, this is an event.

This event is a sadomasochistic one, so ready yourselves.

Open your eyes wide and scrutinize thoroughly the next words.

This is a cycle that revolves counter-clockwise, when can we move it clockwise.

This event happened in one part of the Philippine islands, present time; 2011 to be exact.

The event focuses on a boy; this certain boy is very dysfunctional both physically and mentally. By the time the boy was brought about this world, he had already a physical burden. He had “Diphallia”, a sexual disorder where one has two male genitalia. The mother was a prostitute but she was excited to have her first baby, actually it was already her seventh baby but the other first six were murdered in her womb through the process of abortion. She promised once this certain baby she carries in her womb would be borne to this world, she would straighten up her life. The father was unknown, for the mother has almost three clients a night. She was so excited but when the baby was delivered, she drowned in despair and total depression leading mental destruction. The baby was two months old when the mother hanged herself. No one knew about the suicide inside her apartment. The baby was left alone in his crib at the apartment but he cried so loud to the point the neighbors were disturbed and they check the room, after 10 hours left alone, the baby was found and it was a miracle he still is alive. But it was better he died that night.

Then the latter happened, he was sent to a social service center with dirty and low-budgeted facilities, basically a shit-hole because funding for that center went to the pockets of others, to the pigs, no wonder other pigs call their salary pork barrel. When he was seven, he was completely introvert, never speaks to anyone. Others even thought he was deaf. Most of his years from eight to eleven were wrecked and traumatic, he had a rough childhood. He was pushed around and bullied while the social workers watched and laugh as if it was entertainment for them. There’s this one moment when he was peeing and a group of fellow orphan boys peeked over him and they saw two penises urinating. The shouted “FREAK!” and the news went out like fire. This boy was not really named by his mother but in the social services center they called him Santino. All his early life he was in anger and hatred, he wanted to fight back, so he did. But it was better he died to this point.

He’s now seventeen and one night he planned a way of revenge to these mother fuckers. It was bedtime and all he was asleep in the center. Santino went to the kitchen and turned on the gas. While he was waiting he went to the refrigerator to get water and as soon he closes the door of the refrigerator he saw a shiny and vague reflection of a girl. He was in shock and that scared the hell out of him, his heart pumped faster but he showed no sign of that emotion on his face. When he turned around it was Rose, his crush. He pretty much liked Rose because she was the only one not bullying him and she was deaf, he feels comfortable with her. Santino knew in Rose’ eyes that she wanted to stop his plan but he does not want to stop. Too much has been done to him, Rose must understand. Santino got the matchbox and slipped it open to get a matchstick but Rose held his hand stopping him from his madness. Santino’s world now turned black. But it was better he died to this point.

He pushed Rose, the next events were brutal. In the kitchen table Santino got hold of a duct tape and taped both Rose’ hands on the legs of the table. He unzipped his pants and ripped off Rose’ clothes furiously. He took a couple of seconds staring at awe on a naked female, such beauty there is just to be altered to grotesque image in the next events. He then starts the devastation of a masterpiece. He took off Rose’ panties and got a rubber spatula from the cabinet, shoving the spatula inside Rose back and forth. Rose was crying endlessly of pain, she was a virgin. She cried pool of tears but she could not scream only minute screeching. Santino was irritated by her facial expression; he punched her in the abdomen. As soon as he finished enjoying with the spatula, which was dripping fully of blood, he entered inside her. Rose felt a sheer pain when Santino’s two penises went inside her back and forth. As soon as he cummed, he was not yet contented by his sadomasochistic doings, he wants to end it. Santino stood up and went to the kitchen sink and got a rusty butchers knife. Rose was now not crying but smiling. Santino for a moment felt awed and slight fear but he suddenly exasperated and stabbed Rose in the chest, stomach, arms, etc., a total of seven stabs. But it was better he died with Rose to this point.

Santino saw something in the lifeless hand of Rose; it was a piece of crumpled paper. He took it and straightened it up. He wailed in agony, he felt a sudden pain on his heart. He held a matchstick and strikes a fire, as soon as it sparked, flame enveloped the shit-hole center and it was like hell. He slowly burned and was still crying so loud. There are only two events that he cried this much, first was when he was a baby and he wanted to live and second was now, wanting to die. The gates of hell opened. But it was better Santino had lived, for he will tell this story and break the cycle.

For some unimaginable reasons, a paper was floating around the sidewalk of the center. Firemen were busy extinguishing the fire with their long and big water cannons. They think extinguishing it would close the gates of hell. A nearby couple was watching from across the street the scene. The couple’s little boy saw the floating paper with tiny flames on the side; he jumped for it three times but could not get it. The father saw his son jumping so he got the paper. The paper was a drawing, and it was nicely drawn with pencil as the medium. The drawing was a boy and a girl, on the right side was boy smiling and left side was a girl smiling, and in between them was a big heart and both the boy and girl had halos above their head. Just below the drawing there are two text like a caption, on the left side was labeled “ROSE” and on the right side was labeled “SANTINO”

Analogy Essay of the Author:

As a Filipino citizen, this is what I depict what Philippines is really. It may be negative for others and to others but it is what my heart pours. I do not want to get heavy with this essay so I will explain this briefly and with concrete points. I deplore ideas of my country not brand her with negativity. The physical and mental dysfunction of the country is the people itself. Diphallia, the country has two penises; one is for the country and one for the foreigner. Basically the genitalia are important to a human being, without it, no sex; without sex, no pleasure and no preservation of our race. So my analogy is that we consider our nationalism important at the same time colonial mentality is prominent within us. We should not be like that, we should be normal and have one genitalia and pick nationalism. Abortion and suicide, my analogy to this is the increasing rate of violence in the country. The shit-hole service center, we are in a devastatingly living in a shit-hole. We are not improving in terms of living, industrialization and economy. We are backward. The “pigs” I pointed out was a bit given already, every Filipino should know that. In regards of the other orphans who keeps on bullying, I refer that to the technocrats and Filipinos who keeps on blabbering and ranting on the mistakes of others while in fact they are not doing anything. Rose, I depict her as the victims of rallying and speaking out their grieves on the problems of this country. They are mute because even how far they go, how loud they scream, how transparent they may be, they will always not be far, heard and seen. The rape scene is my paragon of how the dysfunctional etch their barbarism. The smiling while dying Rose is what I view of the justice system here in the country. Justice system is laggard and smirch. Victims would just leave out all the rest, the more they fight for their rights the more the justice weakens upon them. That is why Rose was just smiling, for she knew no justice will be served. You may say my sagacity is very rapacious but actually I gave positive areas on the story. Santino was changed for a short moment; he must not had had really gone to hell. He wanted to ask forgiveness but he thought it was too late so he blew the place up. It is like Judas, his disloyalty to Christ was not his sin. His sin was committing suicide and being faithless in believing he could be forgiven. The drawing which was grabbed by the kid was the question; will we revolve the cycle clockwise, if so, when?